AC Tune-Up

Regular maintenance will keep your heating and air conditioning system running at its peak performance level. Several minor maintenance tasks can be performed on your own. However a professional trained technician can be at your doorsteps usually within a couple of hours. San Diego and Riverside Heating and Air specialists are available 7 days a week!

  • AC problems?                                     FEW TIPS TO CONSIDER:
  • Unit doesn’t blow cold air?                  1 – Inspect, clean, or change air filters often.
  • Strange rattling noises?                      2 – Adjust Programmable thermostat.
  • Replacing filter to improve air?           3 – Trim landscaping 18″ around outdoor unit.
  • Thermostat not working?                    4 – Call 866-375-FLOW to schedule an appt.
Air Conditioning Tune-Up Services:
  • Filter Replacement
  • Carbon Monoxide Test
  • Wiring Inspection
  • Thermostat Check
  • Condensate Drain Check
  • Fan Belt & Pulley Adjustment
  • Indoor Coil Check
  • Blower Fan Inspection
  • Disconnect Box Inspection
  • Capacitor Check
  • Contactor & Relay Check
  • Condenser Coil Check
  • Fan Bearing Inspection
  • Return Air Temperature °F
  • Supply Air Temperature °F
  • Temperature Difference°F
  • Suction Line Temperature °F
  • Suction Pressure (psig)
  • Discharge Pressure (psig)
  • Outdoor Air Coil Temperature °F

Air Conditioner Tune-ups

Carbon dioxide is generated from inefficient equipment and is the main contributor to global warming. If your equipment is undercharged or overcharged it will be very inefficient and the carbon dioxide generated from the longer run times will contribute to global warming more than refrigerant leaking out. This indirect effect of energy use increases global warming as well as your energy bills! If your system is more than 15 years old, consider replacing it with a high efficiency system.

Air conditioners require seasonal maintenance for carbon monoxide poison emissions, replacement filters, air duct leaks, wiring safety and working thermostat controls. Our certified HVAC technicians are trained to safely replace refrigerant and repair any a/c problems! Our trucks are stocked with parts so we can repair your air conditioner in the same scheduled service.