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Our licensed, insured and qualified heating specialists can solve any heating repair and install any new heating parts or equipment.  We specialize in furnace installations, indoor air quality, duct leak repairs, preventative maintenance, thermostat troubleshooting, heat pumps, filter replacements, central heating repairs and more.  Our Hvac technicians arrive with all the common heating parts on our fully stocked trucks which means we can finish the heating repair in your scheduled appointment time. We charge by the job, instead of charging by the hour, so you know the total cost before any work is started.  We offer same day service and are available 24/7.

American Plumbing heating & Air Conditioning has been in the heating service business for over 10 years.  We have never had a lapse in our BBB membership satisfaction rating, because our success comes from totally satisfied customers who keep coming back.  We hire the best heating technicians in the trade; those with experience, training, and have passed our rigorous background checks.  The first time you meet American Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning technicians you can preview their photo online  so you can recognize them before you allow them into your home or business.  Our heating technicians will arrive in  marked company trucks, they ware company uniforms and we call you before sending them to you home or business.  Over time you may get to know them by name because our expert heating technicians have consistent employment with us for years.

To schedule an appointment with our heating specialist please call the toll free number or schedule online.   When you call (866) 375-3569 you will talk with a Hvac technician who will gather all the necessary information about you and your heating problem to complete the job in the schedule appointment time.  Scheduling online is easy and will save you money with our heating coupons!  There are no services charges, no travel charges, and no overtime charges or hidden fees! Call now to secure a professional heating technician in the appointment time that fits your busy schedule!

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Annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) - The U.S. Federal Trade Commission requires furnace manufactures to provide this rating so consumers may compare furnace performances before purchasing.

Automatic combination gas valve – A gas valve for gas furnaces that incorporates a manual control, gas supply for the pilot, adjustment and safety features for the pilot, pressure regulator, and the controls for and the main gas valve.

B-vent – A venting system for gas stoves or other gas appliances using approved piping through the roof or into a chimney.

Carbon dioxide – A by-product of natural gas combustion that is not harmful.

Carbon monoxide – A poisonous, colorless, odorless, tasteless gas generated by incomplete combustion.

Combustion analyzer – An instrument used to measure oxygen concentrations within flue gases. This analyzer can test smoke and test for carbon monoxide and other gases.

Direct-spark ignition (DSI) – A system that provides direct ignition to the main burner.

Direct vent – A venting system for a gas furnace, which pulls the outside air in for combustion and vents the flue gases to the outside.

Downflow furnace – This furnace sometimes is called a counterflow furnace. The air intake is at the top, and the discharge air is at the bottom.

Electric hydronic boiler – A boiler using electrical resistance heat, which often has a closed-loop piping system to distribute heated water for space heating.

Ethane gas – The fossil fuel, natural gas, used for heat.

Flame impingement – When flame touches components where is not supposed to.

Flame-proving device – A device in a gas or oil furnace to ensure there is a flame so that excess fuel will not be released, which may cause overheating in an oil furnace and explosion in a gas appliance.

Flue-gas analysis instruments – Instruments used to analyze the operation of fossil fuel-burning equipment such as oil and gas furnaces by analyzing the flue gases.

Fossil fuels – Natural gas, oil, and coal formed millions of years ago from dead plants and animals.

Furnace – Equipment used to convert heating energy, such as fuel oil, gas, or electricity, to usable heat. It usually contains a heat exchanger, a blower, and the controls to operate the system.