Power Surge Protection Repairs & Installations

  • Heating problems?
  • Furnace doesn’t blow hot air?
  • Need a maintenance service?
  • Need a certified and factory trained heating technician today?

Our licensed, factory-trained and certified HVAC technicians will fix your heating problem.  We offer many options and great packages to fit a solution to your needs and budget. Call us at American Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning (866) 375-3569 today! We work with all major brands and models.

Replacing your heating system or installing any new furnace doesn’t have to take all of your time.  You simply choose the time and the job is completed in one day.  We provide quick service because our local factory trained technicians do not have to travel far in our stocked vehicles.  We make sure to test and go with you over new equipment instructions and maintenance requirements.  We check our installation before we leave to ensure everything is working properly, safely, and efficiently.  On new heat units, we offer extended warranties to keep your investment working for you.  A more efficient HVAC system can save you hundreds of dollars on gas and/or electric bills every year and can make you more comfortable too!  With all the great options and packages we offer we have something to fit your needs and budget.