Pipe Reroute

  • Need a camera inspection?New copper insulated in the attic.
  • Need leak detection?
  • Leak in the wall or ceiling?
  • Leak in the yard?
A reroute is replacing the old leaking pipe with new pipes, therefore routing the water around the problem. It does not eliminate the possibility of future leaks in other sections of the pipe, as much of the old, deteriorated system remains.
Get a free leak detection and line location when you have our skilled technician complete your pipe re-route.  “We work hard to get you approved through your home insurance”.
Whether is water, sewer, or a gas line, let the American Plumbing Team take care of your re-route situation and rest assure that it will be done right the first time.  Having the appropriate equipment and tools makes the job a lot easier and eliminates the second guessing.  We can provide you with an on-site estimate which will include options to fit your needs.
Top picture is bedroom behind water heater and hot water manifold.
This is the hot water manifold, in this case the 3/4″ copper pipe is going to back to back bathrooms and is leaking.