Water Heaters: Tankless

Tankless Water HeaterReceive up to $150.00 off any tankless water heating unit installation (discount can not be combine with any other offer).
  • Run out of hot water?
  • Leaky water heater?
  • Need more space?
  • Looking for an environmentally friendly water heater?
Tankless Water Heater Benefits:
  • Enjoy endless clean, fresh water every time.
  • Energy savings of up to 40%, units are designed to be a lot more efficient and only heat up the water as is needed.
  • Significant Space Savings – Traditional tank water heaters up to 20 square feet of precious floor space, a tankless unit takes less than half of space and can be install basically anywhere inside or outside the house.
  • Reduced the possibility of flooding.
  • Digital control with precise temperature control for comfort and safety.
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Life span of 20 years or more.
Constantly heat & reheat water Heats waster as it’s needed
Limited hot water Endless hot water
80% efficient and declines with age 99%+ efficient for life of heater
.58 average energy factor .98+ energy factor
Takes avg. 20 sq. ft. of space Less than half the space
Destined to leak Less likely to leak
High greenhouse gas emissions Low greenhouse gas emissions
Life span 6-12 yrs. Life span 20 yrs. +

General Tankless flush maintenance instructions

The following are suggestions on how to flush and maintenance your Tankless water heating unit, always refer to your manufacturing literature for maintenance details on your specific Brand and model of unit.

1)      Disconnect electrical power supply to the unit. Isolate your hot and cold home or business plumbing system by shutting off your hot and cold valves.

2)      Identify your services valves and attach a short length hose to the hot water side (usually a red handle valve, this is your outlet side) and place the other end in 5 gallon bucket or any other plastic container. Install a hose to the cold water service valve (usually a blue handle valve, this is your inlet side) and the other female hose adaptor to a submersible pump, lower the submersible pump into your bucket/container. Pour approximately one to two gallons of white vinegar into the bucket or container.

3)      Make sure both service valves are fully opened and turn on your submersible pump, allow the vinegar to circulate through the system piping for approximately 30 to 45 minutes (you may have to repeat this process more than once depending on the last time the unit was serviced and/or the levels of minerals).

4)      Run clean water through the system for approximately 5 minutes to dilute the residual white vinegar in the piping.

5)      Close both service valves and disconnect hoses, open the cold water valve to the unit and then the hot water valve.  Run water a small amount of water throughout your home or business plumbing system, restore electrical power to unit.