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How long before that leaky pipe becomes a disaster?

Woman on the phone looking stressed as kitchen sink pipe burst behind her

We've all had our run-in with a leaky pipe around the home, and it never is a fun time. Pipe leaks can not only be messy, but they can be expensive depending on how long you let the problem persist. We're here to dive into how long you have before that leaky pipe becomes a home disaster!

Signs Of A Leak

Leaks are a tricky plumbing problem to spot because sometimes the damaged pipe is not always visible to most homeowners. Of course, with your kitchen sinks or bathroom fixtures, it can be easy to spot a leak and give our plumbers a call immediately, but what about pipes hidden behind your walls?

Well, one good sign to spot a leak is paying attention to your water bill at the end of each billing cycle. If you notice your bill has increased despite your home's water usage has not drastically increased, you may have a leak. Another sign to look out for is the smell of mold, mildew, or visible clues like cracks in your foundation.

How Long Do I Have Before I Worry?

Well, the best way to not worry about pipe leaks is to get routine inspections done to catch leaks ahead of time. The unfortunate answer to pipe leaks depends on how long the leak has been unattended. Over time pipe leaks can worsen because the hole in which the leak started begins to erode, causing a bigger hole to form.

Corrosion of the leaky pipe can lead to one of the most frustrating problems any homeowner can face, and it's a pipe burst. Pipe bursts can lead to flooding, excessive water damage, and costly repairs.

Prevention Is Key

Instead of worrying about how long you have until you should call a plumber, the answer always being as soon as you see a plumbing problem, you should focus on preventing plumbing issues. The best method to avoid pipe leaks is to call a plumber for them to determine if your plumbing issue is pressure-related, possible fixtures that need tightening or something else entirely.

Routine inspections can help catch possible quirks in your plumbing, and you can install safety measures like water pressure regulators to help lower the strain on your pipes. Rust can also contribute to plumbing issues that are all too common in older homes.

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